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It feels great to turn in a college application that just “makes sense,” when a student has pursued his or her interests in a logically progressing manner, when key attributes of LEADERSHIP, INITIATIVE, INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY, and KINDNESS have been demonstrated, and when the time spent on extra-curricular activities reflects COMMITMENT and PASSION. But this can be difficult to throw together senior year! Ideally, we begin the conversation in 9th grade, exploring, brainstorming, and planning, to maximize all four years of high school. In The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell sets out the Stages of the Hero’s Journey. We’ve reimagined the journey through high school to college as a hero’s journey—you are the hero, traveling toward victory! 


Meetings and services for each year are billed as a total package or at an hourly rate, allowing families the flexibility to use only the services they need. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss needs and pricing.    


Click on each grade level to see what we will focus on together each year.

The hero’s journey begins here! And the beginning of high school can seem like the beginning of an adventure—sometimes a frightening one. One notable event in this stage: the hero meets his mentor.




In this stage, the hero truly begins the quest, crossing the threshold between their own familiar world and the new world that awaits. 10th graders begin their journey in earnest, plotting out their course and preparing for the challenges ahead.  

10th GRADE




The cave contains danger or an inner conflict that the hero must face! Students understand that junior year is filled with trials and tests—classes are difficult, standardized testing begins, AP tests loom. And students feel the added pressure that everything counts. Meeting often with the mentor, our hero learns to manage time, focus on what really matters, and enjoy junior year!

11th GRADE




After facing danger, defeating enemies, and surviving death, the hero receives his or her reward. In a sense, the hero now travels safely on to the final destination. And for high school seniors, this means that all the hard work has paid off and a decision is made for college in the fall!

12th GRADE



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