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In Tennyson’s poem “Ulysses,” the aging warrior stands on an ocean-side bluff in Ithaca and takes in the vista that lies beyond---a seascape reaching to the horizon and quietly beckoning him to prepare his ships, gather his crew and set sail for his next adventure. He gazes out through the framing of the Ithacan seaport, where anchored ships are busily being prepared for their respective journeys. His plan is not to set sail alone, but to gather his crewmates, knowing his preparation and ultimate success depend on the support and guidance of expert navigators. 


High school students find themselves at a similar port, on the cusp of a major journey of discovery and adventure. But in the journey to college, too often the joy and excitement that should mark this process become replaced by pressure and self-doubt. SeaPort College Advising provides the expert navigation high schoolers need, easing the difficulty and stress, and inspiring college-bound students with possibilities, each leg of the journey.

Like Ulysses, we commit ourselves“to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”  


Dear Prospective Parent and Student,

I am so excited to share my services with you. I have been working with high school students for 15 years as an AP English and Spanish teacher. Along the way, I have worked with hundreds of students on standardized test prep and the college application process with great success. Since earning a Certificate in College Admissions and Career Advising from UC Berkeley, I have been thrilled to work with high schoolers more holistically, coming alongside them for every step of their high school journey, and offering particular expertise in the application essay. My goal is to make the increasingly complicated and competitive college application experience as stress-free as possible and to help each student find the best college that will allow for personal thriving and growth. I love working with high schoolers and their parents, and I look forward to meeting you! Please contact me for a free consultation, so that I can answer any questions you may have.

—Carrie Campbell

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